My name is Andrew Sanderson. I design 1-to-1  Marketing processes that drive Sales for B2B organisations.
I create Lead Generation campaigns that reinforce Market Share and ensure they comply with the new GDPR Privacy law to avoid fines.
I work as a Freelancer with Digital Agencies on projects for their national & international B2B Clients. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. +49 160 9346 3401

B2B Benefits

Digital Marketing
Customer Focus
Marketing Processes
IAPP Certified


“Andrew’s sense of innovation coupled with his extraordinarily rich experience will be a huge asset to any forward-thinking organization.”

Crispin Sheridan, Vice President Digital & Social Optimization, SAP

“Andrew’s skills will shorten your sales cycle, increase your qualified prospect pipeline and give you more time face to face with potential customers.”

Robert Heaton, Continuous Sales Training

“Andrew’s understanding of structuring and building campaigns with high response rates using small effective marketing teams is astonishing.”

Sandie Overtveld, Marketing Director, Pivotal UK



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How you treat people – in practice & online – says more about your company than your Logo, your Brand, or any claims you make.

As a Marketer, I regard Privacy as being more than just a legal issue. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your respect for the people who count – your Customers.

For Prospects, Online Courtesy is  a very real aspect of your Company. Fair dealing online opens the door for the Face-to-Face visit of your sales Team.