In 2015 I was a very busy European Marketing Director for a successful, privately-owned, US software company of about 280 staff. With annual growth over 30% per year, the company would double in size in just three years, so the top priority for my territory was building robust and scalable Digital Marketing processes to drive Sales.

Then came the day all staff were invited into the meeting room. We learned, via video conference, that the company had been bought by a stock-listed IT giant. The long and the short of it was that – along with various other departments – the European Marketing team was made redundant.

While looking for a new professional project, I used the time to catch up on the latest industry developments – one of which was the new EU General Data Privacy Regulation, made law in May 2016.

To be honest, I thought it was going to be dry as dust. But reading it was like a lightning bolt to the brain. I started to see contexts, connections, consequences. I thought:

“They can’t be serious.
Have they any idea what that’s going to do – globally – to the software industry?”

And then I read it again. And Again. I started making notes. I joined the International Association of Privacy Professionals to find out more.

Shortly after, I began this Blog on the effects of Privacy Law:

  • on Marketing as a profession;
  • on Digital Marketing as an  communications medium;
  • on the Software Industry internationally and its Customers.


The Author



As a B2B Marketer, I have worked in a range of sectors. I’ve set-up and optimised Marketing & Communications processes; and rolled-out Online & Offline strategies to support international sales.

International B2B Marketing

•    design of scalable marketing processes during rapid corporate growth phases (>25% per year)
•    communications strategy & campaigns: new & repeat sales | influencers | internal
•    sales oriented communications for multiple distribution models: direct | indirect
•    communications media: online & offline | corporate websites, social, PPC
•    marketing automation: connections between systems | to CRM, to EIS


•    project teams: cross-functional |international | intercultural | all hierarchy levels
•    team management: 10 employees from across Europe


•    Marketing co-ordination: subsidiaries & partners from the regional or global HQ (>20 years)
•    initiator & pioneer: introducing new marketing functions, processes, activities

Industry Knowledge

•    Software, IT, High-Tech
•    as Marketing Consultant to Biotech & Healthcare, Manufacturing, Services



… is always welcome, so if you have comments or there’s an issue you’d like me to explore on these pages, don’t hesitate to contact me.

best regards,
Andrew Sanderson