As a B2B Marketer, I have worked in a range of sectors. I’ve set-up and optimised Marketing & Communications processes; and rolled-out Online & Offline strategies to support international sales.

International B2B Marketing

•    design of scalable marketing processes during rapid corporate growth phases (>25% per year)
•    communications strategy & campaigns: new & repeat sales | influencers | internal
•    sales oriented communications for multiple distribution models: direct | indirect
•    communications media: online & offline | corporate websites, social, PPC
•    marketing automation: connections between systems | to CRM, to EIS


•    project teams: cross-functional |international | intercultural | all hierarchy levels
•    team management: 10 employees from across Europe


•    Marketing co-ordination: subsidiaries & partners from the regional or global HQ (>20 years)
•    initiator & pioneer: introducing new marketing functions, processes, activities

Industry Knowledge

•    Software, IT, High-Tech
•    as Marketing Consultant to Biotech & Healthcare, Manufacturing, Services



Feedback is always welcome. If you have comments or there’s an issue you’d like me to explore on these pages, don’t hesitate to contact me.

best regards,
Andrew Sanderson