Consultant to B2B Clients

International Business Experience and Skills include:


  • Hands-on experience in B2B, High-Tech sectors
  • Develops sales-oriented communications strategy & campaigns, compliant with Privacy laws
  • Builds & optimises scalable processes during rapid growth phases (>20% per year)
  • Hands-on experience of multiple sales models (direct, partner, subsidiary, distributors, dealers, online)
  • Customer communication: email & online marketing, eNewsletter & print magazine, social media, PPC
  • Executive information systems (EIS), CRM, customer databases & reporting
  • Automated customer communications & connections to CRM systems (SAP, MS Dynamics, Salesforce)
  • Hands-on experience in market research & analysis
  • IAPP member, Certified International Privacy Manager (June 2016)


  • Initiator & pioneer: introducing new marketing functions, processes, activities
  • Leading cross-functional project teams >20 years (marketing with sales, controlling, finance, legal, IT)
  • Managing international and intercultural project teams (Europe, Americas, Asia-Pacific)
  • Leading projects across multiple hierarchies (board of directors to expert)


  • Management of staff, agencies, budgets
  • Co-ordination of marketing by subsidiaries & partners

Industry Knowledge

  • Software, IT, high-tech, B2B, privacy
  • Marketing consultant to biotech & healthcare, manufacturing, service sectors
  • As editor, journalist, copywriter – knowledge of multiple product, commercial & business areas