How to achieve more with limited resources

Segmentation really pays off when we start to run multiple promotions in the same time period. The problem is that each promotion takes time and resources to plan and implement. Quite often the lack of staff time is more of a bottleneck than budget.
How to get around that?

Standardisation and simplification are the key ideas …



  • set clear and simple objectives
  • identify the key performance indicators that matter most
  • standardise the planning process with checklists and forms
  • identify simple criteria for shortlisting and selecting promotions
  • train your staff … and then trust them
  • refuse customisation at the planning stage to avoid additional work at the implementation stage


  • simplify the approval process: fewer people, fewer levels
  • standardise execution: more autonomy and empowerment for staff
  • delegate operational decisions down to the lowest possible level within the team
  • standardise the design templates for promotions
  • if variety is unavoidable, create pre-approved re-usable components for rapid implementation

Success Measurement

  • match the success factors to the planning factors
  • use a consistent report format for each promotion
  • use a simple overview for summarising the overview of promotions
  • automate the production of reports
  • simplify the definitions of success